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Discover this new range of designer toys that are too pretty to put away.


Kickstart summer fun with our unique enrichment feeders and ice molds.

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Lavender Love

Here's our lavender collection to fuel your lavender obsession

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Pet Friendly Flavoured Bubbles

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Key to a healthier and happier dog

From engaging slow feeders to tantalizing treat dispensers, this collection offers a variety of options to stimulate your dog's senses, promote healthy eating habits, and provide mental stimulation.

  • Paw-Picked With Love

    We only offer products that we would give our own pup. Everything you see in our store have been carefully selected with love and consideration, from all around the world.

  • Shop Small

    We give special attentions to small businesses and independent brands, because they often offer unique and high-quality products with sustainability in mind.

  • We Give Back

    A portion of our profits goes to supporting local shelters and charities, so you're not only treating your furry friend, but also contributing to animal welfare.

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