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Toilet Paper Nosework Toy

Toilet Paper Nosework Toy

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The toilet paper Nosework toy is designed for dogs to use their sense of smell to find tasty treats, providing a play culture that reduces stress and promotes healthy play.


Unroll the toy to discover multiple treat pockets ready to be filled with your dog's favorite snacks. Load the treats into these pockets, roll the toy back up, and fasten it securely with gentle, non-scratch Velcro. Insert long, stick-shaped treats into the central compartment for added enjoyment!

Toilet Paper Nosework toy is made with soft, non-irritating fabric.


⭐Hide treats or sprinkle them on the unrolled paper and leave it unrolled

⭐Hide treats or sprinkle them on the unrolled paper, fold it in half to hide the treats

⭐⭐Hide treats and attach with Velcro after rolling up


Machine wash cold with mild detergent

Tumble dry low or air-dry

Do not use fabric softeners

Do not bleach

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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