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2 in 1 Pet Nail Trimmer

2 in 1 Pet Nail Trimmer

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This small and compact nail trimmer does not only replace all your traditional tools, but also give you an upgraded nail trimming experience, so it's hassle-free and relaxing for you and most importantly - your fur baby!

  • Clipper: Made out of hardened steel, the blades are sharp, precise and durable.  The nail tripper catches the cut nails, preventing them from flying around, so cleanup can be done in seconds. The clipper also comes with a safety lock for safe storage. 
  • Grinder: After clipping your pet's nails, the electric diamond grinder can be used to trim them a little further and smoothen out any sharp edges. The slots help you get the right angle while keeping your dog’s skin and fur away from the grinder.  The tool comes with a diamond grinding wheel and operates quietly to minimize your pet’s stress.

  • LED Lights: Both the clippers and grinder are equipped with LED light, they will illuminate your pet’s nails, giving you better visibility as you work and helping you locate the quick in order to trim accurately. Much clearer and safer to cut & grind your pets' nails, so you’re less likely to accidentally hurt your pup — especially crucial if your pup has dark nails.

  • Nail Trapper: Finally done with nails trimming, but still have to clean the cut of nails that flew all over the place? Luckily, the nail clipper is equipped with a nail trapper that stops nails from flying around and collects them for easy disposal.

  • Cordless & Long Battery Life: Equipped with built-in rechargeable battery, this nail trimmer is convenient and portable, allowing you to trim your pet's nails anywhere and not limited by the power outlet. It charges via a USB cable and one full charge lasts for 4 hours! 

Our 2 in 1 nail trimmer is professionally designed for claw grooming, ideal for large, medium and small breeds, can also be used for cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets. Whether you are a pet owner or professional pet groomer, it has all the features to ensure an easy and smooth nail trimming experience. Your fur baby will appreciate the upgrade very much!  

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