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Eaty - Bioplastic Dog Feeding Bowl

Eaty - Bioplastic Dog Feeding Bowl

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  • Made of 100% recycled corn bioplastic
  • Biodegradable
  • Stackable
  • Slow feeding add-on available for purchase
  • Made in Europe


Feeding bowl for dogs and cats made of 100% recycled and biodegradable corn bioplastic.

Corn plastic
This material is similar to plastic in its strength and durability, but unlike traditional virgin plastic, it is made from corn and can be easily recycled without much impact on the environment.

Whether you have one, two or more pets, the Eaty bowl is easy to stack for storage whenever you're not using it.

Anti-movement bands
We have designed four anti-movement bands positioned on the ends so that it does not move when your pet eats and hits it with the snout and so it stays still.

Anti-voracity plugin
For the 700ml size bowls , we have designed an add-on that will allow you to control the speed at which your pet eats and thus improve its digestion.

Made in Europe
All the products in this collection are made in our workshop in Europe, thereby ensuring a lower carbon footprint.

Materials and measurements
PLA corn bioplastic
Capacity: 700ml
Dimensions: 20,4 x 20,4 x 5,4 cm

Hand wash with neutral soap and warm water. Do not use a dishwasher at more than 45 degrees.

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